Music Festival Application

Registration Fees: First performing group is $100.00 - each additional group is $100.  Registration Fees are non-refundable upon acceptance of school for participation in the Music USA Festival program.  Each school must have a min. of thirty performing (30) students. For two performing groups there must be sixty performing (60) student combined, (There could be 20 in one group and 40 in another, etc.)


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State:*Zip:*County:Office Phone:*

Cell Phone:*Spring Break Dates:*E-mail:*

Number of expected Participants:

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Preferred Date #1:*Preferred Time #1:*

Preferred Date #2:*Preferred Time #2:*
Package Desired: One Day/Two Parks Two Day/Two Park (no hotel)
One Night/(Two Day)/ Two Parks ticket Multiple Nights (Specify: )

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Entering for Ratings only: will receive a trophy with Superior, Excellent or Good Rating
Competition: Will receive trophy with rating, and will also be eligible for 1st-5th place in each classification

Performance Categories # in Group Grade Level
Instrumental Elementary School
Concert Band Middle School
Jazz Band High School Class A (Enrollment 600 and below)
Orchestra High School Class AA (Enrollment 601 - 1100)
Percussion Ensemble High School Class AAA (Enrollment 1101 - 1499)
Guitar Ensemble High School Class AAAA (Enrollment 1500 - 2499)
Parade/Marching High School Class AAAAA (Enrollment 2500+)
Steel Band Other
Concert Choir
Show Choir